Thorough:Thought Podcast 4:: Cogidubnus

After catching our attention through a recent drop of wonderful tunes, and being featured on friends of the family Reboot Records, I approached Cogidubnus about possibly working on a feature for the blog. With a string of steady releases and forthcomings on Echodub and Methodology, I see big things in the future for the man. We settled on a mix and an interview, and what was delivered was stunning to say the least. The mix, a serious roller, features more dub’s and forthcomings then youll care to count, and will hold your attention for the entire ride. Check the interview and mix after the jump.

Who are you, where do you come from, what do you do, you know, standard interview opener:
My name’s Guy Thompson, I’m from Manchester, UK. I’m a data analyst for the National Health Service by day, a husband and father and a DJ/producer of electronic music of non-specific genres during what free time I get. I run a small night called Sicknote that’s brought artists like Phaeleh, Gravious & Quantum Soul to Manchester for the first time, and helped launch the careers of a number of DJs playing the deeper side of dubstep, house and instrumental hip-hop. The night’s on hiatus at the moment since our last venue closed down, but we hope to get something organized next year to keep spreading the deep vibes.
Producer and DJ huh? Which one have you been doing longer, n which do you prefer when it boils down to it?
I’ve been DJing for over 10 years in one form or another since learning to beat-match with my mate’s trance and hard-house records. Once I got my own decks and started buying vinyl it was prog, tech and deep house and a bit of breakbeat.
I’ve only been producing for about a year, but that’s quickly taken over as my main passion. I’d wanted to make my own beats for years beforehand, but general laziness always got in the way. I’m a lot less lazy these days, but I’ve also got a full-time job and a young daughter so opportunities to produce aren’t as frequent as I’d like, but I’m getting (I think) some good results out of the little sessions I manage to squeeze in.
Any releases or forthcomings we should be bagging?
All my stuff that’s been signed so far has been for compilations, a track’s just come out on the Pakistan Relief EP on Reboot, Methodology have taken two for compilations called Half Light (11 tracks at 111bpm) and Lost which’ll be out in December and January respectively, one of my hip-hop tracks is also going on a free digital sampler for Manchester-based label & night called This City is Ours, and I’ve got a remix appearing on Muteqx’s Echodub album out early next year.
How’d you get into dubstep, whats you background like?
I’ve been into electronica for a long time since hearing artists like The Orb and Future Sound of London in the mid-90s, from there onwards I’ve always sought out forward-thinking dance music and I suppose Burial’s Untrue, Boxcutter’s Glyphic, the first Distance LP and the Kode9 and Spaceape collab were the first albums from the scene that really grabbed my attention and got me into the sound. The possibilities of the sound really excited me with the 70-140 time switching, space between the beats and the range of feelings and movements the music could convey. It felt fresh and all of a sudden four-to-the-floor house (which I’d mostly been DJing up until that point) felt pretty boring. Not long after that Benga’s Diary of an Afro Warrior came out which was the album that got a lot of my mate’s into it as well (26 Basslines got played at my wedding!) and once I delved past just the albums and discovered people like Synkro, Ramadanman, Phaeleh, DFRNT etc, I was hooked.
Who have you been listening to lately?
I admire anyone with a wide-reaching sound and there’s no-one more diverse than Wagawaga at the moment. I’ve warmed-up for him a couple of times and he’s blown me away with his creativity and the way he manages to embrace so many different musical ideas into a distinctively individual sound.
Duskky & Hurtdeer, both part of the Mothers Against Noise collective are making some brilliantly progressive stuff based on a similar unwillingness to be constrained to any single genre, but always works well on the dacncefloor, all my recent sets have been packed full of their tunes.
Gravious’s latest beats have been exceptional, full of melody and atmosphere, as have those of Muteqx, who’s tunes have always connected with me since I first heard him a couple of years ago – his album should be a great success when it drops.
Anything else you wanna cover,  any shout-outs, parting words?
Shout outs to all the local heads who I’ve been playing out with regularly over the last couple of years around Manchester, particularly Ed Teach, Blood Boy, XXXY, Dom Hz, Original Face, Acre and Damu – we’ve got a lot of talented people round these parts! And a very special shout-out to my ever-patient and beautiful wife Rosy!

You can download the podcast here, tracklist below, dont miss it.


DFRNT – Going the Distance (Cogidubnus remix) [dub]
Duskky – Lutung [Acroplane]
Shed – Mayday [Ostgut Ton]
Hypno – Sunkin [Ramp]
Cogidubnus – The Pan-Galactic Memory Bank [dub]
Roof Light – Losing My Mind [Highpoint Lowlife]
Cogidubnus – Adjustable Tantra [Reboot]
HxdB – Heartbeatdancer [dub]
Maxmillion Dunbar – Way Down [Ramp]
Haack – Lost [dub]
3rdeye – Emotional Level [Twenty-Twelve]
Cogidubnus – Bisquitine [Methodology]
Aldubb – History [MK2]
Relocate – Blowin’ Down Mistral (Cauto remix) [Corsario]
Duskky – Chronotherapy [dub]
Gravious – Zion Razor [dub]
Egoless – Overnight Dub [dub]
Cogidubnus – Six by Nine [dub]
Macka – Whoopah! (Hurtdeer’s Dub) [Twenty-Twelve]

And dont forget to stop by the mans Soundcloud!!!

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