Thorough:Thought Podcast 3 :: Pressa

This round, focus falls on Southeast London based Pressa, who’s quickly building a serious reputation for his skills both in the mix and in the studio. Focusing on deep and spacey vibes and known to drift away from Dubstep when hes in the mood, he’s got a  few releases in the pipeline that are well deserved.  Had a brief chat with the man and he’s been kind enough to provide the third in our podcast series, so interview, mix and tracklist after the jump!

Give us your name, location, n tell us a bit about what you do:
Hi I’m Joe and I go by the artist name of Pressa and I’m based just outside of south east London in Kent. 

I make dubstep beats primarily but also delve into other forms of bass music at different tempos other than 140 bpm, the music I make depends on the mood I’m in when I write it but it has to have some kind of feeling in it whether the mood of it is light or dark, people describe the sound I make as deep.

How long have you been producing/DJing? Which one would you say you prefer?
I’ve been djing for 10 years now, from the age of 15 I used to go down to Uncut records for garage music and vinyl Konflict records a lttle bit later for dnb on a regular, both are in Bexleyheath , Bexleyheath was good back then, two record shops accross the road from each other. 

Ive been making beats properly since about 2006 when I got my first laptop, before then I just messed around on other peoples computers trying to make dnb.

It’s a tough decision to decide whats better out of DJing and production, they both go hand in hand but production probably comes out on top.

Youve got a few releases coming up right? Big! Who with, when are they dropping, what can we expect, ect?
Yeah man I’ve got a few coming out soon, one which is co-produced with Crisp (look out for him) fortcoming on Mindstep which is going to be part of a digital compilation released later on this year, another on Orientis which is gonna be a 12″/digital 3 track EP which is out next year, and I’m also featured on a Fentplates compilation which is going to be a digital free giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled for them!
Any interesting gigs/ect. coming up?
I’m playing at Dubscover on the 12th of November @The Rhythm Factory east London which is for upcoming djs and producers.
I’m also playing at DubKulture @The Black Sheep Bar on the 22nd of December in Croydon.
How’d you get into dubstep?
It’s a funny story how I got in to dubstep, I was trying to make dnb and it just wasn’t happening so I slowed down the tempo and started to make what I thought of as sub heavy grime and it sounded alot better than the dnb I was attempting to produce (maybe I heard dubstep subconsiously and my brain was telling me to have a go at it). I then heard some dubstep and was like this is the closest thing to what I’m making and just stuck with it.
What artists are you feelin right now?
There’s some really good music about right now, you have Killa & Instinct, Fused Forces and Coleco from over here in the UK, but I’m also really feeling some artists from europe, in Holland you’ve got Myrkur, TMSV and Bojcot Selectah and in Belgium you have Subreachers, Geeks and Antics all making some very interesting music.
In your opinion, what makes dubstep, dubstep?
To me dubstep can be anything musically, as long as there is a deep sub, it’s around 140 bpm and there is a fair amount of space within the music.
Anything else you wanna cover, or anyone you wanna shout out?
I’m starting an internet radio show on Rood FM soon so look out for that. 

Big up to all the labels, promoters and listeners and of course you Basic A for supporting!

Without further ado, Thorough:thought Podcast 3: Pressa.

1. Coleco – Taostic (Forthcoming Orientis 001)
2. Antics – Four Faced Liar (Unreleased Dub)
3. Fused Forces & DJ Cable – Yoshimitsu (Forthcoming Triangulum)
4. Pressa – Symptoms (Forthcoming Orientis 002)
5. Killa & Instinct – Indica (Unreleased Dub)
6. Subreachers – Twisted Oliver (Unreleased Dub)
7. Myrkur – Metropolis (Forthcoming Deity Records)

Download the mix here!

Be sure to stop by Pressa’s Soundcloud and check out his forthcomings, as well as a medley of other dubs and mixes.


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1 Response to Thorough:Thought Podcast 3 :: Pressa

  1. Vandera says:

    Great mix! The Coleco tune is incredible. Big release on Orientis too mr Pressa.


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