BoxCar Breaks Volume 1

After a solid series of lengthy conversations with friend of the family, Boxcar, about his avid knowledge of breakbeats and dusty records, we started batting the idea around for a weekly collection of hand selected samples for the blog…. this is what transpired.

Info and Downloads after the Jump!

The first is a badman little piece froma personal favorite artist of both Boxcar and Myself… Taken from Isaac Hayes track, Breakthrough, the samples well used and easily recognizable its distinctly graceful use of the snare and hats.

Download it here :

The second, by the Kashmere Stage Band is much fuller, more intricate, and has loads going on within its few bars of concernable material. Recorded live, it has a very distinct sound, with awesome artifiacts coming out with some compression. One for the collectors.

Here :

Third on the block, another Hayes break, this one slightly less well known, and is infamous for the creative chopping patterns it has lead to in the past.


A rare Afro break from Babatunde Olatunji, Soul Makossa is sure to please anyone with taste in rhythm.

Get it:

Finally, Dom’s almighty Tramen, sampled striaght from wax into an Akai for added grungyness. Set any dancefloorinto motion, and infamous in and of itsself.


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