Fentplates ::: Twitch “Ritual Dub/Spores”

Thought Id stop by and give you guys the update about a release that’s caught my eye… Friends of the family, Fentplates, have been seriously stirring up the deep and melodic side of the scene since they launched midyear 2010. With a string of releases out already, including ones from names like Box Mouse, Kochari, and Bind Prophet, and some big ones forthcoming, these guys aren’t one to be missed, and are poised to shine for some time to come.

For now, they’ve shot us over previews of a forthcoming release from Twitch, which will be available for purchase digitally worldwide, on December 6th. The first track, properly entitled ‘Ritual Dub’ comes in strong with a chill, tribal vibe that grabs the listener firm and refuses to let go until it’s over. With awesome percussion and smooth, sexy ambiences, this track alone makes the release an instant bag, but, it doesnt end there. Moving into spores, your greeted by much loungier sound, with soft, floaty melodies and clever 2step inspired percussion, it caps the release off nicely, and further adds to its instant-bag appeal!

You can preview Twitch – FentplateD004 – Ritual Dub/Spores here:
For more information about Fentplates, please visit one of the following:
And for a limited time, you can enter for your chance to win a FREE copy of Twitch’s new release, simply by joining the Fentplates Facebook group!
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