Free 320 & Thorough:Thought Podcast 2 :: Triggy

Ceiran Trigg, better known as Triggy, is a West London producer/DJ, who has been seriously catching our eye with his latest string of releases, so when he approached us with an offer to do a mix and give our readers a 320 of one of his newest dubs, we were more then happy to oblige! I had a few words with him about what hes been up to lately, included after the break.

So your a DJ and Producer, which one would you say you prefer, and how long have you been at it?

Ive been producing for around 2/3 years, starting off with Electro/House, but quickly moving on to Dubstep.
I prefer producing a lot more, probably because Im still pretty new to DJying and have a bit to learn, I’ve only been DJying for about 3 months, doing a guest mix on Dubstep.FM via traktor, I’ll be getting a decent pair of decks next month and if all goes to plan I should out and about doing a load of gigs in the next half year.

You have a few releases out, if you had to pick one to send our readers too, which one and why?

Id have to say The Sandman with Mr Pavel (Which is free via Analogics Soundcloud). It’s the only track of mine that i’ve been truly satisfied with. I don’t tend to listen to my tracks as I can always notice things I wish I hadn’t done or had done, improved on, changed etc
The Sandman I can listen to whenever, never gets old to me, I love the vibe of the track, no matter what mood Im in which I see as a real positive. There’s nothing in the track I would really want to change.

Any forthcoming releases we should know about?

I have quite a few different projects on the go at the moment with some of them seeing a certain release. My remix of Bassinines ‘Last Living Thing, Half Machine’ and Sinister Souls remix of my ‘Mechalion’ will be out soon via Analogic Recordings on a remix Ep. My remix of Richie August’s ‘I Call Shots’ will be featuring on a forthcoming Betamorph Remix Ep. The Siren will also be released for free on Fent Plates forthcoming compilation album.
There will also be an EP with Rofh as well as a live dubstep track which will be having its own video which you should be seeing/hearing early next year.
Also a few collabs on the table with Chaosphere, PBMR & a few others which Ill keep a secret for now, you’ll have to wait and see.

What can we expect from the free tune?

The track Im giving out was a bit of an experiment, were I used different techniques to do certain parts.
Its one of my deeper tunes that switches up a few times and gets more extreme as the sample develops. The sample is from The Omen 3 so its a pretty dark tune, although you cant expect anything else from me lol.
Sub lovers are likely to enjoy this track.
Artwork was created by Clive Nolan

Finally, who, musically, are you feelin lately?

Thats a tough one as there’s so many artists that I really feel are really developing as an artist and pushing there tracks in an incredible way.
To narrow it down to 2 I would say Whyrez & Culprate
Whyrez has an incredible imagination when it comes to his tunes and you can really tell how much work hes put into the track. His progressions and sound design are incredible and pretty unique, his merge of different genres really pushes his tracks in the right direction. I think he’s probably the artist I get most excited about when hearing ‘Will be putting up a new track in an hour’ His tracks are really inspirational and never get boring.
Culprate is pretty much the same, Im really looking forward to his albums, from what I’ve heard of them there sounding incredible. There’s so much diversity in his tracks he always brings something new to the table.

Any last words?

Just keep enjoying the music 😉
Would like to give a few people a shout out for the support they’ve been giving me as an artist, My girlfriend for the amount of support she gives me(and tries to like dubstep), Machination & Critcial Consciousness at Analogic Recordings, All the guys over at Betamorph & Fent Plates as well as the artists involved, My Dad for all the album covers he creates, Jason Verstraeten for the Youtube coverage. As well as Sinister Souls, Mark Instinct, Downlink, Whyrez, Basic.A, Devnik, Kontrol, Pkay, Legend4ry Chaosphere and Tomba, big up to you all.

Click here to download Triggy’s exclusive mix for the Thorough:though Podcast! (Tracklist at Bottom)

Click here to cop an exclusive copy of Triggy – Purity of Evil – in 320kpbs mp3 Format, simply by joining our mailing list!

For more information, check out Triggy’s Soundcloud at the following:

Triggy Thorough:Thoughts Podcast 2 Tracklisting:
1: Kryptic Minds – Badman [Swamp81]
>>Werd2Jah Intro
2: Distance – Jungle Fears [Chestplate]
3: Damian Marley – Welcome To Jamrock (Fleck Remix) [Dub]
4: Triggy – The Spirit [Dub]
5) Plan B – Prayin’ (Breakage Remix) [Atlantic]
6: Tunnidge & Cyrus – Lights [Origin]
7: Catacombs & Knowledge – Black Arrow [Dub]
8: Triggy – The Siren [Forthcoming Fent Plates]
9: Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Though Shalt Always Kill (Vaccine Remix) [Sunday Best]
10: Chasing Shadows – Odyssey [Hench]
11: Triggy – Mechalion (Sinister Souls Remix) [Forthcoming Analogic]
12: Skism – Power [Never Say Die]
13: Richie August – I Call Shots (Triggy Remix) [Forthcoming Betamorph]
15: Subscape – Screw Up [Dub Police]
16: Ghetts – Grime Daily
17: Kryptic Minds – Six Degrees [Swamp81]
18: DrumR – 4 The Hat [Syndetic]
19: Michael Wyers – We All Float [Dub]
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