Free 320 :: Deadly Habit :: Frogs

Friend of the blog Deadly Habit has been kind enough to offer up one of his newest tunes, Frogs, as a free 320 to our readers! For those who arent aware, Deadly Habit is a drum n’ bass producer who began drifting into dubstep approximately 5 years ago, with his tunes seeing releases on Shift, Betamorph, Savory Audio, 20twelve, and Reboot Records. Making big moves with the relaunch of his own label, Tentative, he’s set to deliver a consistent stream of tunes from all walks of EDM for many years to come.

The tune at hand though, Frogs, starts out calm, teasing the listener with a subtle synth and a slightly unhinged vocal sample, building up to a drop that wouldnt be done justice if I called it hype. With gritty, analogue basses and leads, this tune quickly becomes an audiophiles best friend, while still maintaining its danceable edge.

To recieve your free, 320kbps MP3 of Frogs by Deadly Habit, please register for the mailing list by clicking here


For more information on Deadly Habit’s music, please visit:

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