Phantom Hertz ::: Low Voltage Volume 5

Basic A starts off this release with ‘Serenity’, a gorgeous, minimal track that rolls along with layers of impossibly deep bass, crisp drums and and psychedelic vibes. Deep and meditative, with just the right amount of reverb, this song is achingly beautiful.

Dub Fiend takes ‘Serenity’ and pushes it forward with a more upbeat rhythm. Staying true to the original intent of this song, however, his remix is both emotional and serene. Never forceful, this remix captures the essence of the track, while creating a unique interpretation of the sound.

Bringing you back into the subterranian depths of bass music, ‘Cavedweller’ is an abstract and potent composition with sparse drum sequncing, hypnotic mids and a timeless feel. Formula is a word lost on Basic A. He challenges the trends of dubstep music, and in doing so creates a unique and powerful sound.

Whyrez sends ‘Cavedweller’ on a bumpy journey in his remix, dragging it through the mystical dream world of future garage. Paranoid yet serene, this song will have the listener hanging on every nuance, sending them to the depths of their psyche and making them beg for more.


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